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Apr 2016

Background Checks: Who’s driving You?

These days it is incredibly easy to run a thorough and accurate background check on anyone. It takes less than 24 hours in most cases and costs very little. The majority of businesses perform background checks for employment, from executive-level workers to those in the mailroom.

There is no excuse to not run a background check on an employee in this day and age, so why is it that many ride-sharing companies neglect to run these all-important background checks on their drivers?

The Importance of Safety

When you get into a vehicle as part of a cab or ride-share company service, you want to be assured that the individual operating the vehicle is a responsible and safe driver who will get you to your destination without any problems. If you know that the ride-share company runs background checks on their drivers, you will probably be able to relax and enjoy your ride knowing that you’re in safe hands, right? Some of the things a free criminal background check can uncover are:

  • History of drug use
  • Drunk driving convictions
  • Sexual offense convictions
  • Other criminal convictions


Whenever you use a ride-sharing company, you are getting into a car with a stranger. Therefore it is always best to use a company that performs an employee background check on each of their drivers.

Protection For Business Owners

Not only do background checks protect passengers, but they also offer protection to the company. If anything should go wrong during a ride, be it an accident or harmful conduct by a driver, this will have long-term repercussions for the company. From loss of business to lawsuits, driver misconduct will have significant cost for a company.

For example, Uber has recently been criticized for not running proper background checks on their drivers, causing a major backlash against this popular service. The company was sued for $10 million by the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco for failing to perform thorough checks.

A Long String of Incidents

Recently the headlines have been full of stories involving driver misconduct for cab and ride-share companies. Just a few of the latest unfortunate incidents involving cab and ride-share drivers have included:

  • A driver in Kalamazoo, MI goes on a deadly shooting rampage while on duty, leaving three dead
  • A driver in San Diego, CA is arrested for the rape of an intoxicated female passenger
  • A driver in New York City is sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping a female passenger at knifepoint


When you use a ride-share service, you want to be sure that a thorough and accurate background check has been run on the driver. This is why you can always trust LA City Cab. We run a background check on each of our drivers and only hire individuals of high character and clean records. With LA City Cab, you are always in safe hands.

Thank you for choosing LA City Cab.

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