Dec 2016

Taxis Make An Appearance In Music

Taxis are an indelible part of American culture. It's no surprise then, that taxi cabs have been staples of famous songs for years! Read More
Dec 2016

Taxi Driver Drives Through The Night To Save People

On November 28, wildfires ravaged a Tennessee town, and one brave taxi driver sprang into action to help his community. Read More
Dec 2016

Lost And Found: 3 Stories of Taxi Drivers Doing The Right Thing

History has proven that a lot of taxi drivers go out of their way to help customers out when the time calls. Read More
Nov 2016

California Teens Are More Likely To Take A Taxi These Days

In California, more and more teens are choosing to skip getting their driver's license and take taxis or public transportation instead. Read More
Nov 2016

A Taxi Bill Of Rights

Taxi passengers are increasingly benefiting from standards unification. Chiefly, we see this in the spread of the Taxicab Bill of Rights. Read More
Nov 2016

Pokemon Go And Taxis: A Short-Lived Affair

Could taking a taxi be the best way to get the most out of Pokemon Go? One taxi service in particular is betting they are, much to many gamers' delight. Read More
Oct 2016

Why Should You Choose A Taxi Over Uber Or Lyft?

There are risks associated with taking a ridesharing service instead of a taxi that most people never even think of. Here's what you need to know before you step into someone's car. Read More
Oct 2016

Alert Cab Driver Protects Elderly Man

A heartwarming report from South Korea demonstrated an alert taxi cab driver providing significant assistance to the elderly. Read More
Oct 2016

Top 3 Reasons To Become An LA City Cab Driver

Considering a career change? Need more flexibility in your life? Want to be your own boss? Driving for LA City Cab might just be for you! Let's look at the top 3 reasons why being an LA City Cab driver could be the best career decision you've ever made. Read More
Oct 2016

Taxi Driver Pulls Huge Upset, Becomes Pro Boxer

One man drove a taxi every day thinking about his dream of becoming a professional boxer... until one day, after a huge upset as a 70-to-1 underdog, his dream came true. Read More
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