Sep 2016

Tech Company Bets Big On Taxi Industry

Tech giant Verifone Systems is beginning an overhaul of taxis across the country, and bringing some pretty cool features along for the ride. Read More
Aug 2016

Local Man Mistakes Police Car For Taxi

Knowing that you should always take a taxi home from the bar is a good thing. Confusing a police car for a taxi and getting in the backseat, however... is not the best idea. Read More
Aug 2016

Man Takes An 8,000 Mile Taxi Ride

What's the longest taxi ride you've ever taken? Chances are, it doesn't come anywhere close to what Nikita Arkhipov experienced over the last five weeks. The young man from St. Petersburg traveled all the way from the western end of Russia to Magadan, one of the easternmost points in the entire country. Read More
Jul 2016

From Taxi Driver To Runway Model

For 62 year old Ajit Singh Bharth, it was just another day driving his taxi. Until a mysterious passenger gave him the opportunity of a lifetime... as a runway model! Read More
Jul 2016

In Mumbai, Taxis Are Works Of Art

Contemporary artists in Mumbai are turning the city's taxis into unique and vibrant works of art. Read More
Jul 2016

Taxi Gets A Hollywood Turn

HBO's latest miniseris "The Night Of" prominently features a certain yellow method of transportation, highlighting taxis' cultural importance. Read More
Jul 2016

Honest Taxi Driver Returns $187,000 Left In His Cab

What would you do if you found yourself alone in your car with $187,000 that wasn't there when you left for work that morning? Read More
Jun 2016

Did Driving a Taxi Influence Some of the 20th Century's Greatest Music?

A few months ago, we looked at several celebrities who drove a taxi before they became famous. One individual who only got a brief mention in that article is the legendary composer Philip Glass, who ranks among the greatest and most important maestros of the 20th century. Read More
May 2016

Austin Voters Reject Ridesharing Apps

Austin voters made their voices heard by requiring Uber and Lyft to submit to the same regulations as taxis, causing the two to cease operations. Read More
May 2016

Restrictive Taxi Regulations On The Way Out

Lawmakers are beginning to recognize that the transportation industry as it stands is not a level playing field for taxi companies. Now, a new bill aims to ensure more transparency and fairness across the board. Read More
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