Apr 2016

The Evolution of Cars

Before the first car was built in 1885, the primary means of transportation people relied on was either horseback or a horse-drawn carriage. At that time, the thought of traveling at a speed of a mile per minute seemed unimaginable, even with the advent of the first motor-powered vehicles. Read More
Apr 2016

What You Didn't Know About Los Angeles

Los Angeles can be described as one of the cultural hubs in the world, as well as the heart of cinema. The Hollywood sign looms over the city, often reminding locals and visitors alike of the rich cinematic history of the area. Read More
Apr 2016

Background Checks: Who’s driving You?

These days it is incredibly easy to run a thorough and accurate background check on anyone. It takes less than 24 hours in most cases and costs very little. The majority of businesses perform background checks for employment, from executive-level workers to those in the mailroom. Read More
Mar 2016

Rising to Fame by Driving a Taxi

Whenever you book a cab ride, do you ever wonder if a future celebrity may be driving you to your destination? After all, many celebrities have been rumored to be cab drivers before their acting careers exploded (in a good way). Read More
Mar 2016

Important: Safety Precautions During Your Ride

As a passenger of a taxi or a rideshare company, you rely on your driver to take you from point A to point B quickly and safely. However, sometimes there are unfortunate circumstances that compromise your safety and well-being. Such was the case with an Uber driver who was accused of raping a 21-year-old woman. Read More
Mar 2016

Reasons for Heavy Traffic at LAX

If you haven't been to the Los Angeles International Airport lately, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. While traffic in LA has long been notoriously congested, a sharp increase in passenger traffic at LAX in the past two years has further complicated the all-important task of getting to the airport on time. Read More
Mar 2016

Must-See Attractions in Los Angeles

You can easily spend a month being a tourist in Los Angeles, because there's just so much to take in. And what’s better than booking a comfortable cab that takes you to some of the most amazing and must-see attractions in the city? As a tourist visiting Los Angeles, you’ll want to make time to see these popular attractions. So, without further ado, below are our top picks to make your vacation unforgettable. Read More
Mar 2016

LA City Cab's Experienced Taxi Drivers

Smartphone-based ridesharing apps are not the same thing as a real taxi ride. Truth be told, they don't match the experience of real taxi drivers from LA City Cab or other parts of the world. Let us explain… Read More
Feb 2016

LA City Cab’s Fast Response Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to book a ride that actually arrives on time and takes you where you need to go the quickest way possible? We think so too. Seriously, your time is precious and we get it. That’s why many people are finding it more practical to just use LA City Cab, because we have a fast response time. Read More
Feb 2016

Importance of Women's Safety in Cabs

Women know that requesting a transportation service can sometimes feel a little bit risky, unfortunately. Although we won’t name any names, a popular transportation service has been in the news quite a lot for the lack of women’s safety, which is a major concern. Read More
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