Feb 2016

Your Chance to Win Free Lakers Tickets!

See Kobe Bryant before he retires; enter to win two tickets to the Lakers game on Feb. 19 when you book a ride with LA City Cab until Feb. 18! That's right, you still have a chance to see the Lakers in person and be part of “Kobe Bryant’s 20th Season Celebration” as Jeanie Buss, Lakers owner, puts it. Read More
Feb 2016

Opposition to Surge Pricing Grows

Surge pricing is a transportation company's policy of raising prices during times of heavy demand. The extra cost could be triggered by the date, such as certain holidays. It could also be due to the time of day, as is the case during rush hour. It could even be triggered when the company is receiving many pickup requests from a certain neighborhood. Read More
Jan 2016

A Glimpse Into Taxis Across the World

As you travel the world and visit new cities, it is almost inevitable that you will meet many taxi drivers. Some will broaden your knowledge of their home city, others might leave you wanting to run the other direction (we hope not!) So that brings up the question: which countries have the best taxi drivers? Read More
Jan 2016

Gas Price Predictions for 2016

Fuel economy is one of the most important features of buying a new car. It is a spending variable that we can control. However, customers cannot control the price of gas. It is a variable that is dependent upon the steadiness and production of the industry and has overlap with international relations. Read More
Jan 2016

When You Should Book an LA Taxi

While owning a car is almost a necessity in Los Angeles, due to its spread out nature and lack of excellent public transportation, that doesn’t mean that you should always use it. There are a number of instances when it makes more sense to give us a call at LA City Cab. Read More
Dec 2015

LA Taxi Etiquette Tips: 5 Ways to Enjoy The Ride

When you're getting around Los Angeles, taking an LA taxi with LA City Cab is a great way to get to where you need to go. But you need to know not just when and where to take a taxi, but how. With that in mind, here are five taxi etiquette tips to make your ride a lot smoother and more enjoyable. Read More
Dec 2015

LA City Cab Urges Drivers Not to Drink and Drive

The holidays bring many opportunities for fun including parties at local bars. Of course, there's nothing wrong with relaxing with your friends over a few drinks. The problem comes when the party is over and you need to get home safe and sound. Read More
Dec 2015

How to Avoid Traffic in Los Angeles

Although there are many great things about Los Angeles, California, driving probably isn't one of them. Los Angeles traffic is notorious all around the world. If the idea of spending hours waiting bored on the freeway sounds like a nightmare to you, you have to be very smart when you're in LA. Read More
Dec 2015

Driving in LA? You’re better off getting a Taxi.

It was no surprise when GPS maker TomTom's 2015 annual survey of traffic congestion found that driving in LA is the worst in the USA, and getting even tougher. Read More
Nov 2015

Senior Citizens Should Consider LA City Cab Over Uber

In a recent Forbes article, an Uber driver talks about how many senior citizens have started to use the service for transportation much more. Seniors find that it's a good way to get to wherever they need to go. Read More
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