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Feb 2023

Why Should You Choose A Taxi Over Uber Or Lyft?

There are risks associated with taking a ridesharing service instead of a taxi that most people never even think of. Here's what you need to know before you step into someone's car. Read More
Oct 2016

Background Checks: Who’s driving You?

These days it is incredibly easy to run a thorough and accurate background check on anyone. It takes less than 24 hours in most cases and costs very little. The majority of businesses perform background checks for employment, from executive-level workers to those in the mailroom. Read More
Apr 2016

Important: Safety Precautions During Your Ride

As a passenger of a taxi or a rideshare company, you rely on your driver to take you from point A to point B quickly and safely. However, sometimes there are unfortunate circumstances that compromise your safety and well-being. Such was the case with an Uber driver who was accused of raping a 21-year-old woman. Read More
Apr 2016

LA City Cab's Experienced Taxi Drivers

Smartphone-based ridesharing apps are not the same thing as a real taxi ride. Truth be told, they don't match the experience of real taxi drivers from LA City Cab or other parts of the world. Let us explain… Read More
Feb 2016

LA City Cab’s Fast Response Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to book a ride that actually arrives on time and takes you where you need to go the quickest way possible? We think so too. Seriously, your time is precious and we get it. That’s why many people are finding it more practical to just use LA City Cab, because we have a fast response time. Read More
Jan 2016

When You Should Book an LA Taxi

While owning a car is almost a necessity in Los Angeles, due to its spread out nature and lack of excellent public transportation, that doesn’t mean that you should always use it. There are a number of instances when it makes more sense to give us a call at LA City Cab. Read More
Dec 2015

LA City Cab Urges Drivers Not to Drink and Drive

The holidays bring many opportunities for fun including parties at local bars. Of course, there's nothing wrong with relaxing with your friends over a few drinks. The problem comes when the party is over and you need to get home safe and sound. Read More
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