women's safety in cabs
Feb 2016

Importance of Women’s Safety in Cabs

Women know that requesting a transportation service can sometimes feel a little bit risky, unfortunately. Although we won’t name any names, a popular transportation service has been in the news quite a lot for the lack of women’s safety, which is a major concern. For that reason, female transportation companies have emerged to help women feel safer and promote women’s safety in cabs.

For some women, after years or decades of actively avoiding getting into cars with strangers, even the apparent safety of a licensed taxicab can feel threatening. Luckily, responsible cab companies are listening to the female passengers and we are proud to be one of them.

LA City Cab takes the safety of women and all of our passengers with utmost seriousness. It’s our responsibility to not only get you where you need to go, but also keep you safe. Below are a couple of the major ways we focus on safety.

Background Checks
All drivers must pass a background check in order to be hired. This is done not only to reassure women, but for the overall safety of all passengers. LA City Cab holds all its employees to the highest standard, which includes a clean criminal and driving record. For both men and women taxi companies should be viewed as a relaxing convenience, not an additional source of stress. Passengers can have peace of mind knowing that hiring decisions are taken seriously, and only the highest caliber of driver is employed.

Customer Feedback
We listen to you and fellow passengers. Customer feedback is just as important as a background check in ensuring that no one stays on the roster who does not deserve to be there. Customer complaints are taken extremely seriously, and depending on the nature of the complaint, it can result in a suspension or termination. We do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction and safety, which are a number one priority.

These steps, and many more behind the scenes, are in place to ensure that passengers arrive comfortably to their destinations. There are a lot of stressors in the world and a cab ride should not be one of them.

Thank you for choosing LA City Cab!

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