Dec 2015

LA Taxi Etiquette Tips: 5 Ways to Enjoy The Ride

When you’re getting around Los Angeles, taking an LA taxi with LA City Cab is a great way to get to where you need to go. But you need to know not just when and where to take a taxi, but how. With that in mind, here are five taxi etiquette tips to make your ride a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

1. Friendly Chitchat
Drivers are people and it’s perfectly fine to make friendly chitchat, which may make things more comfortable for you and for the driver. Talk about anything – the weather, the neighborhood you’re driving through, your job, the song that’s playing in the car, anything at all.

2. Know Your Destination
When you get into the taxi, greet the driver and be ready with your destination information. Know the address where you’re going to and any other pertinent details that will make the trip as efficient as possible. This will speed up the process for you and your driver.

3. Don’t Spill It
Be careful with any drinks or food in the cab. Sometimes sudden stops are necessary, and you don’t want to spill anything on yourself or on the inside of the vehicle. If possible, have lids on any drinks you bring into the cab. If you have food, make sure it’s the type of food that doesn’t drip or creates many crumbs. If you do spill a drop of anything, let the taxi driver know, and clean up your spills and messes. Supervise children who are with you if they have food or drinks.

4. Say “Thank You”
Tip the driver. Paying your taxi fare is essential, but giving the driver a tip for getting you safety and efficiently from point A to point B is truly a nice gesture and a great way to say “Thank you.”

5. Future Trips
Ask for the driver’s business card. If you’ve been pleased with their service, tell them so. Let them know that you’d like to request their taxi driving services for future LA taxi trips. And last but not least, always say “Thank you” and “Have a nice day.” Manners go a long way toward making everyone’s day brighter.

By following these taxi etiquette tips, you, the driver, and other passengers will enjoy the ride a lot more. And that will help you motor to your destination in a way that makes everyone smile.

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