LAX Airport Taxi Services

If you need Los Angeles (LAX) Airport transportation, LA City Cab is your reliable ride.


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    Need transportation to LAX Airport?

    At LA City Cab, we help take the stress out of getting to and from the airport. Why risk delaying your travel with unreliable ridesharing services that the airport isn’t built to accommodate? LA City Cab drivers are background checked, safe, and professional -- and they know how to get you in and out of LAX Airport efficiently and affordably.

    Why LA City Cab?

    • Safe Drivers

      There’s priceless peace of mind in knowing that your driver isn’t just some person with a smartphone and a car. LA City Cab’s drivers are rigorously background checked and screened for driving ability and safety.

    • No Surge Pricing

      Unlike transportation companies who unpredictably raise their prices just when you need a ride the most, our pricing stays the same 24/7. We offer affordable LAX Airport taxi rates that allow you to budget in advance without being hit at the end of your ride with a surprise total.

    • Airport Friendly

      Airports are designed with taxis in mind, not ridesharing vehicles. We have designated lanes and pickup areas, which means you don’t need to stress about being bothered during pickup or dropoff by airport security.

    • Convenience

      You can book an LA City Cab by just about any method you prefer. Whether you like smartphone apps, hailing curbside, calling in advance, or submitting a form online, we make it just as easy to grab a taxi as any other transportation service out there.

    Taxi Service to LAX Airport

    How Can I Book an LA City Cab?

    • 1

      Taxi App

      Simply download the Taxi app for your iOS or Android smartphone, and you’ll be able to summon an LA City Cab right to your current location.

    • 2

      Call Us!

      Prefer speaking to someone to speed up the process? No problem. Call our friendly dispatch, and we’ll send a taxi to you immediately.

    • 3

      Book Online

      Especially if you’re planning well in advance of your trip, you might find it easier to visit our website and submit a form with your ride request. We’ll take care of the rest!

    Download the Taxi app!

    The most convenient way to get a taxi from LAX Airport is just a few taps away on your phone. With the Taxi App, we make it incredibly easy to get a licensed cab to pick you up.

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