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Aug 2016

Local Man Mistakes Police Car For Taxi

There are so many advantages to being able to take a taxi home from a bar or club. Not having to deal with parking logistics, not worrying about the safety of your vehicle; and of course, the fact that you should obviously never, ever drive even if you are the slightest bit intoxicated.

For a local man in Toronto last weekend, the benefits of calling a cab from the bar he was at were definitely in the forefront of his mind. He’d been at his local watering hole for quite some time that afternoon, and was in no shape to be anywhere near the front seat of a vehicle. When he finally decided it was time to head home, he stumbled outside and spotted a taxi cab waiting by the curb.

Relieved at how conveniently parked the taxi was, and needing a ride home, the man waltzed up to the cab and got in the backseat.

Except there was only one problem.

It wasn’t a cab, it was a police cruiser.

The man was so intoxicated that he believed he was getting into a cab. Instead of a friendly cab driver, he found himself in the presence of a very confused police officer, who found an outstanding warrant on the man and proceeded to take him on a trip to a destination other than the one he wanted… the police station.

Although this story is rather amusing, there is absolutely nothing funny about considering driving intoxicated for even a split second. Taxis have been the gold standard for getting home safely from any situation in which you are not capable of driving. Worried about leaving your car somewhere overnight and getting a ticket? Forget about it. Paying a small fee and getting home safely (and without hurting anyone else) is far more preferable than some of the other things that can happen if you make the mistake of getting behind the wheel.

The next time you’re out having fun and realize you can’t drive home — but you’re also worried about surge pricing from popular ridesharing apps — remember that LA City Cab and our taxi drivers have been serving our communities in this role for a very long time. We’re happy to get you home safe and sound, at a consistently low rate that does not increase during popular times like Friday nights.

Just make sure you’re actually getting in a cab first!

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