Canoga Park Taxi Cab Service

Need to get to or from Canoga Park? It’s easier than ever with LA City Cab as your personal chauffeur. Our Canoga Park taxi cabs are staffed with drivers from the local community, which means that you get an efficient and friendly ride, every time.


Taxi service in Canoga Park should be so much more than just anyone with a smartphone and a vehicle. Our LA City Cab drivers are rigorously background checked and vetted for safety, because our top priority is our passengers. Much like the city itself, our Canoga Park taxi cabs are clean and well-maintained to ensure that you enjoy a relaxing ride.


Planning a getaway and need a taxi from Canoga Park to LAX? We’re on it. Looking for a cab from LAX to Canoga Park after a long trip? We’re on it. With the ability to hail a cab right from your smartphone, it’s never been easier to get a reliable ride from a company you can trust! Thanks for choosing LA City Cab!


Canoga Park – Taxi Rates

Canoga Park Rates
PHONE: 888-248-9222



Flag drop (first 1/9th mile)


Each additional 1/9th mile ($2.70 per mile)


Each 37 sec. waiting time and/or traffic delay ($29.19/hr. wait)


Min. fare for all taxi trips originating at LAX plus $4.00 airport-mandated surcharge


Estimated rate per trip (group) in either direction for trips between LAX and downtown




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    Welcome To Canoga Park

    Welcome to Canoga Park, an official All-America City since 2005! The history of Canoga Park is rich with innovation and a pioneering spirit… down to the very trees lining Canoga Park streets. In the 19th century, a man named Albert Workman imported Eucalyptus seedlings from Australia (where he was from), and planted them in the area, where thousands of the trees still thrive!


    As the 20th century rolled around, the area we think of as Canoga Park was being called “Owensmouth” due to the land’s positioning relative to the Los Angeles Aqueduct project. Eventually, though, residents and politicians realized that the area would not be able to sustain its own water needs, and the once-independent ranching community inevitably annexed itself as part of Los Angeles proper.


    Since then, Canoga Park has been home to a significant number of companies in the aerospace industry, giving the area a futuristic personality and an impressive business pedigree.
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