Lost and Found

Customers calling regarding lost items should be directed to a supervisor. If a Supervisor is not available, the CSR who receives the call will…


  1. Fill out ALL information available on MTS Lost & Found report.
  2. Inform caller that as soon as a supervisor or dispatcher contacts the driver they will receive a call with an update.


Driver is not responsible for lost or stolen items left inside the cab


If item is found, there are two options for return:


  1. Driver will return item charging the meter rate from his current location to where the passenger is located.
  2. Driver will return the item to the Sun Valley office after the end of their shift and a Supervisor will contact them to make arrangements for pick up.


If the passenger cannot receive the items by driver or is unable to pick up, we can prepare items to be sent by Fedex. If this option is chosen, customer must provide a Fedex account number as they are responsible for the shipping cost. Customers can obtain a Fedex account by calling 1-(800)463-3339.


Items left in the trunk and/or front passenger seat of the vehicle are by default the fault of the driver and the driver is required to return the items free-of-charge.


(In the case of a hatchback-type vehicle such as a Toyota Prius, the rear compartment is considered the same as a “trunk”)


Unclaimed items are held at the Sun Valley office for 60 days, after this time period all lost items will be released to the original driver who found the lost items.


  • Lost passports: company will call the embassy and report it, if not claimed within 3 days, company will mail to the embassy.
  • Driver’s licenses: company will send to address provided with a company business card and copy of Lost & Found report.


**Disclaimer – MTS Management is not responsible for any lost items – Flag calls/street hails and Dispatch-assigned calls will be handled on a case-by-case basis as per management’s discretion according to DOT guidelines.**

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