Nov 2015

Senior Citizens Should Consider LA City Cab Over Uber

In a recent Forbes article, an Uber driver talks about how many senior citizens have started to use the service for transportation much more. Seniors find that it’s a good way to get to wherever they need to go. However, there are some benefits to consider using LA City Cab rather than Uber.

LA City Cab has wheelchair-accessible vans.

Uber drivers use their own vehicles. Most of them do not have wheelchair-accessible vans. This means if you have a disability, you will not be able to comfortably and easily get into the vehicle that shows up where you are to take you to your destination. With LA City Cab, we will show up with the van at your request.

We can be reached by phone.

With Uber, you have to use the app for transportation. LA City Cab is much easier to schedule transportation because you can just call our number at 310-971-9242. Tip: save it in your phone, so you can have it dialed automatically.

You pay in the vehicle with your preferred method payment.

When you use Uber, you have to enter your credit card number into the app. The service charges you after your ride. You don’t know how much you’re getting charged until you receive the receipt. With LA City Cab, you can use cash or card inside the vehicle and know exactly how much you’re going to pay before you run your card.

Seniors use LA City Cab every day to get to medical appointments, grocery stores, friends’ houses, and attractions in the city. Call us now to schedule your next transportation need.

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